Exams, exams, exams...


by Dezzymei on 23rd January 2007 at 20:51 pm GMT

Right now I'm in the middle of my A-Level modules for my final year at school - university next year hopefully. Over christmas I managed to get an offer to Cambridge for university to study computer science which was quite an achievement, however I do have to get 3A grades at A Level in Maths, Further Maths and Physics so I'm working pretty hard for these right now.

I am trying to get some time in to develope H4L but exams are my priority right now. I have taken 6 so far in maths, economics, physics and chemistry but I still have 3 economics ones left over the next week. When I'm finished I will be back to working for you guys on H4L content!

In my spare time right now I have not been doing much other than entertaining my beautiful girlfriend who is giving me less incentives to get back into video games everyday - but have no fear - half term is coming up soon and Singh, Dezzy, Colt and Imortal are going to be spending some time on some 360 games - GoW, Rainbow 6 Las Vegas, Saints Row, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and whatever else we can get our hands on that week!

When I get some time I'm also going to try and upload some Lan pictures up here in a decent style - but for now you can check out some of the XL Lan in Birmingham pics that Singh took by clicking here!

Campbell has also been at it and has made a subdomain for us here www.campbell.halo4life.co.uk. This is the old H4L template and it still looks very swish! Thanks Helsing again!

You know my contact info is on the contact page and seriously email me for any help for anything - editing: video, audio or image, or just some tactics because I am always here to help!

Peace, Dez

p.s. Campbell made this of me...

Dezzymei's First Real Blog


by Dezzymei on 5th December 2006 at 21:51 pm GMT

Last week I was away in the big ol' US of A. I was on a business tour to discover new ways to innovate with newspapers particularly looking at online content and how to develop it.

I started off in Chicago and had a tour around The Chicago Tribune, Northwestern University and then moved on to Seattle Washington the following morning. Despite the snow we had an extended talk by Microsoft about some cool programs they are developing as well as a discussion with the editors from MSN. The next morning we visited The Seattle Times to hear about their websites and their supposed success.

Our group then took another plane down to sunny California and San Jose only a couple of hours away by plane. That evening we went for a seminar with Craig Newmark the inventor of Craigslist.com at Stanford university which was a once in a life time experience; to see such a humble un-impressionable person who has so much power and money was new!

That evening we had dinner with some of the night fellows (journalists who had been working for years who always wanted to go back into education are now spending a year at one of the best universities in the world to study whatever they please with no examinations at the end! Amazing!). These people were so nice and extremely sociable that it made me want to stay there forever!

Thursday morning now we spent rather too long on a journey to Sacramento because of an overturned 18 wheeler, nonetheless we met with the CEO and VP (head of interactive media) at McClatchy, the largest American publisher who we worked out to be worth at least $16 billion if not $20 billion. This company are the most "on the ball" group of people that I could ever imagine!

That afternoon we had a tour round Google and then dinner there with some of the leaders of the company. On the final morning we had a talk at Yahoo! and then we got some free time to shop in San Francisco! The last morning we went through all of our notes for about 6 hours to get the information we had taken together. The most amazing trip ever!

Probably rushed, but it was a damn cool trip and you would get bored if I expanded on everything!

Contact me for more info if you want it!

New Template Update!


by Dezzymei on 5th December 2006 at 19:49 GMT

We now have the new design up on the main H4L site. Check it out here!

After working hard on the template for a good few weeks I have finally completed what I think is a pretty cool looking and working website. Leave some feedback on the feedback page please and tell me what you think - alternatively email me at dezzymei@halo4life.co.uk. I hope to update the site on a weekly basis now, but duty calls and sometimes it will be late!

I'm still building some of the pages - such as the store and pictures page, but I hope to add some really good content to the site with that soon!

I must dash to get my copy of the new Splinter Cell! I will give a full review later if I'm not engrossed in the game completely!

Anyway to leave you with a comical conversation I had with Yeadude:

Yeadude says:
How come you got a H4L store? What you selling? Is it grade A halo playing semen?

Dez says:
Yup, fresh off the stalk!

Yeadude says:
I'd buy that I can use a baby to help me train for tournaments!

And a lan pic:

Dezzymei and Singh

A Comical conversation with Imortal (who rapes btw!)

oO Imortal Oo says:

Dez says:

oO Imortal Oo says:
but seriously

Dez says:

oO Imortal Oo says:
who the FUCK spawns at the middle of b3

Dez says:
ur hilarious man
I'm gonna put this on h4l

oO Imortal Oo says:
man its some f***ed up s***

Kids please learn...halo is not just a game...halo is 4 life...some people can become too involved in halo, but it is hilarious when they do - and you get posted on my subdomain!


A professional is *NOT* someone who is good; a PRO is someone who is a professional video games player, this means that he plays video games as a profession. This means he gets paid for it, he makes a living out of it. NOT THAT HE IS JUST "GOOD"! Please also note that I (dezzymei) am no pro. I go to school and don't get paid for any of this site; please note I make montages for your enjoyment ONLY!

However if we were to put ads on this site (which we don't because it would just destroy the look and feel of the site) then we would make money out of it. This would essentially mean we could be "pro website owners" or even "pro video games payers". However we don't!

There are actually surprisingly few pros out there. There are some people who get sponsored to go to tourneys; they get paid the entrance fee and not much else (with the odd exception). However there are probably only about 10 people in the world who can be classed as a real pro. This definition has got out of hand now - like "omg its rambo (he's a pro uno)" .

Rambo is NOT a pro. Rambo IS a nub. (btw "Void is nub" too)

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